Griffith City Hire- Tools and Equipment for Hire



  1. To pay all hire charges, delivery and return charges as invoiced until equipment is returned to the owners premises.
  2. To fully reimburse GRIFFITH CITY HIRE in the event of damage or loss by the hirer or theft by other persons of the equipment.
  3. To return equipment in a clean condition to the satisfaction of GRIFFITH CITY HIRE or pay cleaning fees as charged.
  4. To indemnify GRIFFITH CITY HIRE against  actions, claims, suits, demands, costs and expenses resulting in damage or injury to persons, property or livestock arising out of the use of the equipment.
  5. To accept that no guarantee is given to the condition, safety or suitability of the equipment.
  6. To maintain oil and grease equipment during the hire period.
  7. To use goods and equipment only in accordance withe the law and in a proper manner for which they were designed.
  8. GRIFFITH CITY HIRE  retains the right to terminate any hire of equipment at any time without notice and recover the equipment, and for that purpose may enter upon any premises upon which the equipment may be situated.
  9. To retain possession of equipment and not sell, pledge, give any lien for repairs or otherwise encumber the equipment in any way.
  10. Equipment is charged for TIME OUT not TIME IN USE.
  11. Unless otherwise stated rates quoted are for a single shift day (i.e. 8 Hour day, 5 day week) P.O.A for double shifts or 24 hour operation (7 day weeks)
  12. The hirer is totally responsible for ensuring the operator of plant,equipment hired has the correct licenses and/or approvals to operate the plant or equipment. GRIFFITH CITY HIRE accepts no responsibility or liability for operator licensing